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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2011 7:01pm-7:31pm PST

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balcony and of the dance floor. i agree with that generally. the two areas where if you spin attention on that you hope we will not mess up too badly, one of them is terrorism. i have to be knowledgeable to respond to questions that president obama has, as i did for president bush. that means making certain my organization puts me in a position to respond to that. the other area i have not done as good a job is on bringing in information technology. early on, we were putting in new case management system in. i did not ask the hard questions. i was told we had a system that would go in july. we would flip a switch. in the back of my mind, i wondered how that would happen. on the one hand, you have
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technologists or geeks who know how to do this. then you have the people know and understand the business practices. the challenge is to approve the business practice, bring on new technology, utilize people who know the technology but not the business practices. i realized i have to be much more involved. they have to convince me that what is happening is right for it to go forward. the two areas where i spend substantial time during the day are terrorism and information technology. >> you mentioned briefing two presidents you have worked closely with. we do have questions that asked about how you might assess the similarities and differences between president obama and president bush. [laughter] >> it is not that different. both individuals and the persons
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around and care about one thing, that is protecting the american public. everything else is secondary. both presidents have the same desire to assure the american public is kept safe. there may be a difference in nuanced ways in terms of how they ask questions. in terms of a desire to protect the american public, there is no difference whatsoever. >> washington is a famously complicated place when it comes to agencies working together. you have set a little bit about the fbi and cia and their improved relationship. what would you say about the current state of the inter- agency process? >> out in the field, those differences disappear. it is back in washington where
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you have much more butting of heads or issues relating to agencies. we used to butt heads with the a -- dea. now it is no longer a priority, we do not but heads with them. the biggest thing has been with the international intelligence agencies, national security agency. the willingness to sit down and exchange of information, understanding that we collect and different authorities. the cia and nsa collected overseas under looser authorities because they're not affecting united states citizens. we have the responsibility of doing the intelligence gathering in the united states, understanding is american citizens we are attempting to
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protect. we have to do it under the constitution and applicable statutes. the sharing of that information and working together has gone light years since september 11. having been through a number of battles over the years, the focus on the mission trump's just about everything else. what is difficult is coming up with an organizational structure to address cyber in all of its manifestations. fraud schemes are now on the internet. the dissemination of child pornography and the like have integrated to the internet and the field of cyber. cyber intrusion, the exploitation of information is in the cyber arena.
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how we address that is going to be a huge challenge in the years to come. " we are about to run out of time. i am going to ask you three brief questions. you can address any piece of this that you like. you have such a serious job. what do you do for fun or to relax? that seems to make an assumption about time to relax. have you seen the movie "j. edgar"? when the movie "mueller" comes out, who should play you? >> i have not seen that movie. i ride bicycles, play golf, and read. >> our thanks to fbi director robert mullueller. please remain seated at the
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conclusion of the program until the director has left the room. i am a former special assistant to the president. this meeting of the commonwealth of california is adjourned. [applause]
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>> i came out to san francisco about seven years ago. i was trained as a carpenter. i got sick of the cold weather and the hot weather. i wanted to pursue art. i thought i really be here for about three years. here i am, 7 years later. ♪ i have problems sleepwalking at night. i wanted to create a show about sleep. a mostly due painting kind of story telling. these are isolated subject matters, smaller studies for the larger paintings. i fell in love with it and wanted to create more of them.
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it is all charcoal on mylar. it is plastic. i was experimenting and discovered the charcoal moves smoothly. it is like painting, building up layers of charcoal. it is very unforgiving. you have to be very precise with the mark-making. a mark dents the paper and leaves the material embedded. you have to go slowly. the drawings are really fragile. one wipe and they are gone completely. it is kind of like they're locked inside. all of the animals i am showing are dead. i wanted them to be taking --
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taken as though they are sleeping, eternal sleep. i like to exaggerate the features of the animals. it gives it more of a surreal element. it is a release subtle element. -- it is a really is subtle elements. the range of reactions people get is that normally they get what i am trying to achieve, the sense of calmness, it's really gentle state of mind -- a really gentle state of mind, i guess. ♪
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